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Sterling has 37-thousand square feet under roof.
Sterling's Closed Crib System is a model for major OEM companies.
Sterling operates a computerized setup system.
Crib attendants use the computerized setup sheets to outfit these setup carts.
Arkansas Mill is Sterling's in-house MRO supplier.
Sterling is EMJ Corps. largest customer in Arkansas. In addition Sterling has raw stock consignments with EMJ, and Lokey Iron.
Sterling purchases several thousand tons of forgings and castings yearly.
Sterling houses two fully equipped QA labs.
Sterling has 2,500  ring gages, 400 threaded gages, and over 150 bore gages.
Cell manufacturing is a key element in cost reduction at Sterling.  This cell has three machines, two Okuma ESL-10 and  Hass VF1 machining center.
Okuma LB 25
This is the Okuma LH 55, turning out large diameter parts for the oil industry.
Oil industry component machined by the Okuma LH 55.
These large valve bodies are machined on the Okuma LH 50 turning center.
Each machine operator is responsible for quality assurance at the work station.
This is the Hass VF5 machining VMC plunger ends for the hydraulic cylinder industry.
This operator is finishing the plunger ends for further processing.
Sterling has 2 Colonial Horizontal Broaches.
3 Okuma MC-50H  horizontal machining centers
Sterling has a very active tooling department.  It has three manual lathes, three manual mills, and does fixturing, prototyping, repair, and foundry patterns.
These parts have just gone through deburring on one of four deburr downdraft tables.
These cast iron valve bodies are in cue for futher processing.
These parts are web protected for shipping.
These hydraulic components are headed for the shipping department.
Paint Shop
Sterling operates Kanban systems for customers.
This is the warehouse for parts that are "work in process" and machining fixtures.
Sterling has over 120 employees manning 39 turning centers,  16 machining centers 2 QA labs, closed tool crib, deburr operation, in-house maintenance and training, and a Shipping and Receiving Department.
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Many of our employees enjoy hunting and fishing in the Ouachita Mountains and Ouachita River Valley.